Bradford Allen Realty
Landscape Design, Installation & Maintenance
Project Description

Bradford Allen is a Chicago-based commercial real estate firm providing a full range of brokerage services and expert advice to private, public and not-for-profit companies of all sizes.


Key Challenges
Bradford Allen wanted to improve the quality of their landscape maintenance, modernize the look of their property and liven it up with more color—without increasing their yearly spend.


The Beary Advantage
Not only did we address Brandford Allen’s top concerns, we went above and beyond with fantastic results. Cost in hand, we developed a simplistic landscape program that began by redesigning the firm’s main entrances and gateways, providing a cleaner and bolder look. We selected plant material that consumed far less water and required less maintenance while still maintaining their appeal throughout the seasons.


We streamlined communications and built a partnership between our team and theirs, cutting down the need for unnecessary meetings and expenses. We greatly improved the looks of their property while saving them time and money—all at the same time!

Project Details
ClientBradford Allen Realty