Compass Church
Landscape Design, Installation & Maintenance
Project Description

The Compass Church is fast growing, community focused christian organization comprised of three main campuses located in Naperville, IL and Wheaton, IL.  


Key Challenges

We met with the leaders of Compass Church assessed their overall concerns. At the top of the list were to achieve greater maintenance improvements, correction of drainage issues that wreaked havoc around the main campus’ front entryway, and to rid the property of weed growth.


The Beary Advantage

Cognizant of the church’s activities and its high-volume traffic, we coordinated our efforts to not interfere with member activities during peak times and special occasions.


To date, we’ve solve all lawn issues by increasing fertilization of turf and weed control, created uniformity through consistent mowing patterns, spruced up tree features with fresh mulch around all beds and tree rings, developed consistent communication with maintenance managers, and installed drainage systems to avoid dams and water build up that previously washed into entranceways.

Project Details
ClientDuke Realty