Loyola Medical of Burr Ridge
Landscape Design, Installation & Maintenance
Loyola Burr Ridge | Beary Landscape Management
Loyola Burr Ridge | Beary Landscape Management
Loyola Burr Ridge | Beary Landscape Management
Project Description

The Loyola Center for Health at Burr Ridge establishes Loyola Medicine’s world-class, academic-level medical care, technologies and treatments to a comfortable, convenient setting in the southwest suburbs.


Key Challenges  

The Village of Burr Ridge called our client on a regular basis with complaints from village residents and visitors requesting immediate attention to the property’s failing landscape. The main detention basin had become overgrown with invasive cattails, no-mow turf along the adjacent roadway was drowning with still water due to a poor drainage design.


The Beary Advantage

With the Village in unrest, we responded quickly by introducing multiple truckloads of fresh topsoil and re-directing excess water-flow to the proper drain tiles, thus solving the stagnate flood issue. Next, we spread seed and followed with straw blankets. We brought in our naturalist service partner to eliminate invasive species and introduce new native species better suited to the wet and dry areas of the detention area, creating a desired effect between mowable turf and naturalized plantings—per the village’s requests.


We worked closely with our client, Duke Realty, to eliminate the village unrest, while restoring Loyola’s high-end image.

Project Details
ClientDuke Realty